Title: How to Find the Right Florist for your New York Wedding

It’s full-on wedding season in New York City, and florists are working their hardest for a sustained period of time. From May to October, florists walk a tightrope of orchestrating countless details all designed to make the most important day of your life picture-perfect. This takes an incredible amount of time and planning, and not all florists are created equal. So how do you find one who is going to fit you and your vision best?

Here are some pro tips on how to find the right florist for your New York wedding:

  1. Start shopping early, but not too early.

Six months prior to your wedding is the sweet spot for meeting with your florist in New York City and planning your wedding flowers. This means the florist could show you live samples of what you’re going to be using, if you wish to see them, but also that the flowers won’t be sad specimens because they are not in their prime. When a wedding couple reaches out a year and a half ahead, many florists have difficulty providing them with the time to get into their flowers; it’s early enough ahead that the couple is likely shopping around, and no one wants to put the work in for the clients to walk away.


    2.     What will a florist ask?

There are two questions that help define your wedding for a vendor, one practical and one personal. The practical - how many guests are you inviting? The personal - what is your color palette? The number of guests automatically provides your vendor, (be it a florist, a caterer, a band, etc.) with a framework for your New York wedding. The personal helps provide ideas of the overall feel and what suggestions we should make.


   3.     But what if I don’t have a color theme/vision/inspiration board?

Getting married isn’t like doing your taxes - it is a big, emotional event, and it should be fun! That means that everyone has some ideas about what they want, even if they think that they don’t, and no one should be intimidated or upset about their wedding. The key is to access those ideas, which a good florist can help you do by taking cues from other elements. These can vary from what your wedding garb looks like to the venue you’ve chosen, the season and even the story of how you and your beloved met. Being one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, there are options to suit everyone in New York City!


 4.      What does no one want to talk about with their florist, but everyone should?

This goes for all of your vendors: at some point in the process, everyone is going to have to discuss money. According to life coach Sara Grizzle, it’s an uncomfortable topic because it is also emotional and personal for people, and no matter how much we have, we always feel as though we need more. No couple wants to have their hopes set on a design that makes their heart soar, only to then have it restricted by plain old money. From the florist’s side, we can be caught wanting to offer a price that the couple can afford but we also need to put bread on the table and pay our bills. So - it is easier for everyone to have some idea in mind of what you think your flowers should cost, or what you can afford to spend. A formula that has been tried and true for Gatherings for many many decades came from Martha Stewart’s Wedding issue in the early 2000s, and it still holds:

50% of your total wedding budget will be the venue & catering

10% goes to your flowers/decor, with smaller portions going to the various other parts involved in a wedding. (3% for rings, 5% for attire.)

Using this formula can help you form a rough idea of where your costs might be.


I hope these tips to help find the best florist for your wedding in New York were helpful. If you have any additional questions or if you are looking for a florist in New York, please reach out here



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